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Why Do Fashion Designers Not Dress Fashionably?

It is common knowledge that most of the runway clothes worn by fashion designers are not the most fashionable. That means that the average person does not know how to wear the latest designer brand. It is estimated that two-thirds of runway clothing does not make it into the stores. But this fact should not discourage us from wearing designer clothing. Many fashion designers still have a certain image of what a fashion designer should look like and do not dress fashionably.

To explain this phenomenon, we can look at the way the modern fashion system works. The fashion system model has a distinct center where innovations and modifications radiate. The designers start with a common look or image, and work from rules about hem lengths and what to wear with what. From this central core, a band of receptive fashion consumers develops. In this way, the fashion industry can be understood as a circular process, with a constant stream of innovation and adaptation.

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