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What is the Most Affordable Pet Insurance?

The cost of pet insurance depends on a few factors, the first of which is the company that offers it. There is a tremendous difference in cost between different companies and price plans vary by breed and age. Some companies cater to younger and older pets, while others favor golden retrievers or other breeds that tend to have health problems. Before choosing an insurance company, check out their price range and deductible amounts. Many companies offer a free quote or even a discounted rate for a few years of coverage.

Some pet insurance policies allow you to select a specific reimbursement percentage for every incident or condition. Others give you several options and require you to pay the full cost before the insurance company kicks in. Another factor to consider is the type of policy you purchase. Some plans require a deductible only once in a year, while others have a per-condition deductible that must be met on every visit. However, make sure to read the fine print of the policy to find out which options are best for you.

Some companies offer unlimited coverage while others charge an annual fee. Others limit their plans to accident-only policies. The more comprehensive plans often cover a large variety of medical problems. Fetch, for example, offers a comprehensive policy, without any exceptions. In addition, their insurance policy does not automatically increase your premiums based on your pet’s age. In addition to paying the monthly premium, you’ll also receive payments on the basis of the deductible amount.

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