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What is Amazon Alexa?

Before you can understand what is Amazon Alexa, you should know what makes it so different from other virtual assistants. The voice-activated virtual assistant is built on artificial intelligence. It uses neural networks to sound more human and uses active learning to identify areas where improvements can be made. While you may think that Alexa can perform most tasks with ease, it is not quite up to par. Luckily, there are several alternatives to this popular smart home assistant.

Alexa offers several ways to catch up on the latest world news. You can customize the Flash Briefing section to receive daily headlines from a selection of media. You can also use Alexa to get traffic updates or to check the scores and schedules of your favorite team. If you use Alexa to stay connected with your family, you can even ask Alexa to check in on them while you are away. The possibilities are endless.

The Amazon Echo is the latest device to feature Alexa. This tiny speaker is equipped with a microphone that recognizes hundreds of voice commands, including “Alexa.” You can also use the Alexa app to control other devices with the assistant. The Echo will eventually pair with an Echo smart speaker by 2022. While Alexa is not a perfect substitute for a human, it will definitely make life easier for you in many ways.

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