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What Can You Do If Your Husband Won’t Go to Social Events?

What can you do if your husband won’t go to social events? If he’s a socially awkward person, he may simply need to be more open and social with other people. If he’s antisocial by nature, you need to make adjustments in your own social life. The best way to change your behavior is to learn to respect your partner’s antisociality and adapt your socializing habits.

Talk to your husband about it and share your plans with him. If he objects to the idea of attending events with single friends, don’t feel guilty. Think about your single friends and what they would enjoy doing. They’ll likely forget the awkwardness that singles experience at events. By talking about the events with them first, you’ll be more comfortable with them and can make them feel more comfortable. If your husband is uncomfortable with socializing with single women, find a married friend who would be happy to attend with you.

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