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What Age Group Uses Snapchat the Most?

What age group uses Snapchat the most? According to Statista, the youngest age group is 13 and older. That means that sixty percent of users are under the age of 25 and only one in five have even graduated high school. Meanwhile, 35 to 44-year-olds make up twenty-four percent of Snapchat users, while people aged 55 to 64 make up two percent. But there’s something in common between these two groups.

The Snapchat user base is more evenly split between male and female. The most recent survey found that more women than men had accounts, with 42 percent of female users, compared to 31 percent of male users. However, the percentages have probably increased in the past year or so. And while the younger demographic is dominated by teenage girls, parents are becoming increasingly active on the app. In addition, the app is also popular with parents, and advertisers should be aware of this as they plan their long-term strategy.

According to a survey, the most frequent users of Snapchat are millennials and Gen Z. Its users use the app almost every day. Seventy percent of teens in the US rank Snapchat as their favorite social networking app, ahead of Facebook and Instagram. Although Instagram has a larger user base, Snapchat is overtaking its rivals. It also ranks higher than Tumblr and LinkedIn among teens. Its popularity is increasing fast, but there are still some challenges.

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