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iFixit Teardown of the S1053 0090 V6 Microphone

When it comes to the Amazon Echo, you’ll notice it’s got seven microphones, including the S1053 0090 V6. iFixit’s teardown shows these microphones and LEDs for Alexa’s acknowledgment. Here’s a closer look. To understand how each one works, read on. You’ll be glad you did when you discover all of its secrets.

A high-performance digital MEMS microphone, the IM69D120 utilizes Infineon Dual Backplate MEMS technology to deliver a dynamic range of 95dB SPL, and output linearity up to 120dBSPL. Its wide dynamic range and high sensitivity help you capture both soft and loud signals. The IM69D120’s omnidirectional sensitivity range also gives it the ability to detect both soft and loud signals.

The S1053 0090 V6 features an analog and digital interface. Its digital interface has a PDM or I2S digital interface. PDM features a high degree of bit error tolerance, and is also resistant to electrical noise. It also has a very simple hardware interface. The figure below shows the hardware connection for a single digital microphone with a PDM output. Connecting the “Select” pin determines whether data is asserted on the rising or falling edge of the clock signal.

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