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How Long Is a Typical NFL Game?

Considering how much time an NFL game requires, you may wonder how long a typical game lasts. The average NFL game lasts three hours and twelve minutes. However, the Super Bowl takes longer, because the halftime show is longer. If you are curious about the duration of an NFL game, here’s an explanation:

The NFL uses its global reach to make games longer. This means that every team has approximately 12 possessions. The average game will feature two video reviews of controversial calls and a round of TV commercials. Additionally, there will usually be three timeouts for each team, and a break with two minutes left in each half. And the Superbowl and playoff games can also be much longer. You may want to plan for this when planning your next trip to the Superbowl.

The length of a game depends on many factors. The most important is the safety of both teams and spectators. NFL rules require stadiums to have a wireless microphone unit for the referee. It’s important to have a backup for these purposes. There are also stadiums with retractable roofs that have to be taken down before the game begins. In such a case, stadiums may close the field and shut down the game before kickoff if the conditions are unsafe.

A typical NFL game lasts for approximately three hours. While the amount of action in a game is relatively the same throughout the seasons, the length of the game has grown considerably. The NFL uses timeouts, injury time, and replay time. Moreover, television broadcasts tend to show several hundred replays between athletic action. These interludes are crucial to the game’s suspense. For this reason, NFL games often last more than three hours! duysnews

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