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Following the Old Style Handicraft in Sri Lanka in Buddhists Artworks on the Web

Buddhism has profoundly influenced Sri Lankan art. Since the third century BCE, the island has been home to monasteries and Buddhist temples. The history of Sri Lanka’s ancient Buddhas and wall paintings goes back to the Gupta period, considered the “Golden Age” of India. During this time, the country flourished and arts and architecture grew.

The earliest examples of Buddha art can be found in India. This country has an extensive iconography and sculptural tradition. During the early centuries of Buddhism, the Buddha was not represented in anthropomorphic form, but rather in diverse symbols. Among these symbols are the empty throne, the footprint, and the wheel of dhamma.

While following the old style craftsmanship in Sri Lanka in Buddhists artworks on the web is not the best way to discover the best examples of Buddhist art, this approach is a valuable starting point. It may be a good idea to look at a number of Buddha sculptures to get an idea of the style. Listed below are some examples of popular Buddhist statues.

The oldest and most important examples of Buddhist art come from northern and western India. They are known for their intricate, detailed carvings of the Buddha. The Gandharan period artists used stone and stucco to create these works of art. They also produced a variety of Buddha images, from the famous Maitreya to the enigmatic Buddha.

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