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Yuvan Shankar Raja

Yuvan Shankar Raja is India’s youngest music composer. He has mainly composed for Tamil films. However, he has also penned songs for Telugu and other South Indian languages.

The young musician began his musical career at the age of sixteen. His first break came in director Selvaraghavan’s Thulluvadho Ilamai. Since then, he has collaborated with many other directors. Some of his notable works include Aravindhan, Malli Malli Chudali, and Seshu.

In recent years, he has forged a distinctive style that blends a number of elements. For instance, his latest work has featured a mix of Western beats and hip-hop influences. Yet, he maintains a youthful, fresh character in his music toonily.

Including the soundtracks

As a result, he is often credited with starting an era of remixes in the Tamil film industry. This trend has continued with his latest works, including the soundtracks for the Tamil remakes of Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule and Aadhi Bhagavan.

Recently, he announced a world tour in order to perform live. It will be held in several cities across the globe. One of the first stops is Toronto, Canada on 25 April 2009. Although it has been canceled, he has said that he will be returning to the stage on July 17.

Apart from composing music, Yuvan has been a vocalist. His songs have been popular amongst the youth and have helped the cinema goers throng the screens.

Anugraha Raphy

Despite having a relatively brief run in the public consciousness, the song or the mantaur has garnered a fair amount of attention from the likes of the media and the public at large. It has certainly deserved the lion’s share of it over the years. One of its more notable achievements is snagging the accolade of the top movie ticket. Having said that, the award was not without its fair share of shortcomings. A few hiccups and the aforementioned nip, the aforementioned nip would be a thing of the past. That and the aforementioned nip are two of the biggest challenges a film buff can have to deal with. Besides, a movie buff with an ear for music will only have so much to drink and no time to mosey about.

Abdul Haliq

If you’re a music buff then you might have noticed the latest in a line of high profile names in the music business. Among the list is a man known as Abdul Haliq. He is the younger brother of playback singer -music director Bhavatharini.

The dude is no stranger to the spotlight and is a pro at it. Known for his sassy style of wooing ladies, this prankster has managed to charm the pants off more than a few of the ladies in the biz. Not to mention, he has managed to snag a few of the men in the biz to boot. So if you’re looking for a musical partner to share your narcissism encased in an affordable package, then this is the one for you.


Despite the throngs of tuxedoed beauties in his ilk, he manages to be the smallest man in the machine. He has a knack for teasing his sisters and is not shy about it. Besides, the aforementioned chubbiness quotient, he is a jack of all trades and master of all trades web series review.

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