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Choosing the Paper For Business Cards

There are several factors to consider when choosing the paper for business cards. For instance, thicker paper feels more premium, so consider printing on 14 Pt. In addition, check out the thickness chart to decide which card stock is right for your needs. The thickness is usually measured in grams per square meter (GSM), and is rated from 35 to 55 for newspapers and 170-300 for corporate brochure printing.

When choosing the paper for your business cards, choose glossy or matte finishes. Matte is more subtle than glossy, so it’s a better choice if you prefer light-colored card designs. Also, glossy business cards can withstand liquid spills and tear better than matte. Choose glossy if you want your lettering to look crisp. However, matte cards are often seen as cleaner, which is good if your color scheme is light.

When choosing the paper, make sure you get a thicker card for better durability. Glossy paper resists liquid spills and tearing, while matte paper is more durable and able to hold black text well. There are also several other options when it comes to paper. Some sites also offer double-sided cards and textured stocks, so be sure to check these options. You can also choose a different finish if your business card is intended for a particular type of event.

Thickness is another important factor when choosing the paper for your business cards. Choose a thicker paper if you want it to last longer. Usually, business cards have a thickness of fourteen to 20 points. But if you are planning to print a high-quality card, a thicker card is better than a thin one. However, consider your budget when choosing the type of paper to print on.

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