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Best Movies of All Time

This year’s Best Picture nominees are incredibly diverse and include every type of movie imaginable. From the raucous buddy comedy “Christmas Vacation” to the dark and intense Se7en, the list includes movies that have captured the imaginations of millions. Here, we look at the movies that are among the most influential in the history of cinema. If you are unsure of which movie should be on your list, check out the list below!

“Sweet Smell of Success” arguably merged multiple genres in one masterpiece. Starring Burt Lancaster, the movie centres on an unscrupulous Broadway columnist. It went on to become a musical in 2002. Those who don’t know “Sweet Smell of Success” will probably find this one hard to believe. But even if it wasn’t, it’s still one of the best movies of all time biography.

“Citizen Kane” is a classic of World Cinema, but “Touch of Evil” is a film about an overrun town in a border town in Mexico. The director claimed it was the most enjoyable film he had made. The film received numerous awards including the International Critics Prize. It’s an important classic, so be sure to watch it before you see Star Wars! While many of these films are classics, there’s no substitute for a classic.

A list of the best movies of all time is sure to start some argument. While there are no universal answers for the best films in history, there are certain criteria that make great films stand out above the rest. A great film is memorable, iconic, and a mixture of all of them. That’s why there is no single definition of what makes a great film. And as long as it delivers on the above criteria, you’ve got a winner.

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